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Grandeza Mexicana

LA's Premier Folk Dance Company

Dear Folklorico Fans,

Happy 2012! I am excited as I look forward to a new year, full of new opportunities and new ventures in dance. There are many chances for us to reconnect in the year and I hope that they bring us inspiration and a new dedication to our craft.


Jose Vences

Grandeza Mexicana

Grandeza Mexicana comes to Santa Barbara and Guadalupe

Grandeza Mexicana is thrilled to be returning as a part of UCSB's Arts and Letters program, to California's Central Coast performing in Isla Vista, Santa Barbara and Guadalupe. April 19-22Gala Performance, 4.22.12 at the Marjorie Luke Theatre in SB

Grandeza Mexicana performs at Dance Bistro

2012 welcomes a fresh new dance festival to the circuit, one that spans cultures and dance genres. Grandeza is hopeful that this new performance opportunity and venue brings Mexican folk dance to a new audience. Hope to see you at the Carpenter Center, May 26th!

Dance Bistro

May 26th

2p & 8p

Carpenter Center, CSU Long Beach

Magia del Sureste

Come celebrate the magic and mysticism of the Southeast of Mexico with our newest production, Magia del Sureste. Taking inspiration from the Mayan legend of Sac-Nicte, Grandeza is debuting a new work that examines one myth revealing the reason for the end of Mayan civilization. Mayan culture is found in both discreet relics and giant temples in the southeast. Come discover what the mystery is all about.

July 14, 8:30pm

Ford Amphitheatre