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The Mission of the Grandeza Mexicana Folk Ballet Company is to perpetuate and showcase the splendor of Mexican Folk dance; and to cultivate and promote public awareness and an appreciation of this rich and diverse cultural heritage.


 To choreograph and perform high caliber stylized Mexican dance works

 To create and sustain an innovative and diverse repertoire of Mexican folkloric dance works with their corresponding musical accompaniment and equally dynamitic wardrobes

 To educate, enrich and entertain audiences of all ages and ethnicities through our community program, Ven a Ver y Aprender,

Grandeza Mexicana Folk Ballet Company (GMFBC) has dedicated itself to showcasing the richness and beauty of Mexican art and culture through innovative, stylized folkloric dance works. GMFBC’s performances reflect Mexico's diverse history which shapes its traditional arts, culture, and values. The historical periods revealed in the dances include pre-Columbian indigenous times, the Spanish Colonial Period, the Struggle for Independence and the 1910 Mexican Revolution. The complexity of Mexican culture and identity is paralleled in its dance, which blends African, Indigenous, and Spanish influences to create something undeniably Mexican.

Throughout its history GMFBC has provided low cost, high quality dance education and training to hundreds of children, youth and young adults in the greater Los Angeles area. It has given them the joy and beauty of participating in dance and a special opportunity to connect with their Mexican heritage. This organization of the Company and the Academy has made it possible for young dancers of the Academy to grow and develop into a member of the more mature and seasoned dancers of the Company. To this end, each dance ensemble member is expected to attend dance lessons and rehearsals three times a week.